Photo Preparation

Preparing photos and captions

For certain cases, USCIS requires photos to demonstrate a bona-fide marriage. Here is best way to prepare and transmit your photos and captions to us to make your photo album:

  1. Prepare 15-20 photos in JPEG format (no hard copies please). The higher resolution the better.
  2. Rename each photo in chronological order (01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc.)
  3. Prepare a Word (or similar) document with the photo name and a caption that includes the date, who is in the photo, where the photo was taken, and at what event was the photo taken. USCIS looks closely at these photos so please be as descriptive as you can.
  4. Once you have prepared the photos like this, you can either email them (a ZIP file with the photos and caption document is strongly preferred) or upload directly to the Monday board.
  5. We will then lay out the photos and captions (will be around 10 pages normally) and it looks like this: