Pre-Interview Checklist

Pre-Interview Checklist

Prior to your interview, there are several important steps to be taken:

1. Take your medical exam

    1. Find a USCIS-approved doctor. Visit this page, enter your ZIP code, and you will see a list of approved doctors for the medical appointment. Insurance is generally NOT accepted (you can ask when you schedule the exam). Please note that USCIS will NOT accept exam from a doctor who is not on the list.
      ***Maui currently does not have an approved doctor so clients will have to fly to Oahu***
    2. Schedule an appointment and what to bring. Once you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled, you need to bring the following:
      • Government-issued photo identification, such as a valid passport or driver’s license.
      • Your vaccination or immunization record (such as DT, DTP, DTaP, Td, Tdap, OPV, IPV, MMR, Hib, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, varicella, pneumococcal influenza, rotavirus and meningococcal disease), if you have it. If you don’t have immunization records, that’s fine– you will need to get the immunizations during the appointment. If your records are in a language other than English you will need to have it translated or you’ll need to receive all the shots.
      • Payment (usually between $500-600).
    3. Go to the exam at the scheduled time. The doctor will test for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and syphilis. The tuberculosis test is now a blood test. The doctor will also check your records to see if you need any vaccinations. After the exam, the doctor will complete Form I-693 and seal the form in an envelope for you to submit to USCIS. Make sure you get a copy of the completed Form I-693 for your personal records before the doctor seals the envelope.
    4. Bring the sealed envelope from the doctor to your interview. USCIS will not accept the form if the envelope has been opened or altered.

2. Gather joint documents to show good faith marriage – You can either upload these to your Monday board or email them to us (PDF preferred)

    • Copies of joint income tax returns
    • Evidence of joint bank account(s): copies of personal checks, copies of account statements (not every month needed, just 3-4 spaced throughout a year), letters from the bank where you have/had a joint checking or savings account, stating when it was opened
    • Evidence of joint credit card(s): Copies of joint account statements (3-4 per year), copies of both spouses’ cards with same account number, or letter from bank listing spouse as an authorized user of the account
    • Apartment lease or letter from your current or former landlord(s) showing that both of you live or lived in the apartment and since what date, or dated rent receipts showing the address and the names of one or both of you
    • If you jointly own property: Copies of deed, mortgage statement, property tax bill showing both names
    • Letter from a current or former employer of one or both of you showing a change in records to reflect the new marital status or addition of emergency contact
    • Evidence of a life insurance policy naming spouse as beneficiary
    • Evidence of medical or health insurance plans naming spouse as member or beneficiary
    • Evidence of joint car insurance
    • Letters (and their envelopes, if possible), birthday or holiday cards, telephone bills or any other proof of correspondence between the two of you
    • If there was a church wedding: religious marriage certificate
    • Gas, electric, telephone and other utility bills showing date, address and name of one or both of you
    • Evidence of vacations taken together: airline tickets, boarding passes, photographs, hotel bill, etc.
    • Receipts, invoices or installment contracts for major purchases made together showing the name, date, and address of one or both of you
    • Medical records/doctor bills/hospital cards
    • OTHER – any other paperwork you hold JOINTLY

3. Gather photographs that show both of you together or with family and friends taken at the wedding and other functions throughout your relationship (10-20 photos are plenty). Please see here for more information on how to prepare photos and captions.

4. Schedule a pre-interview prep session – Attorney Clare will reach out to you before the interview to have a prep session.