Recommended Mobile Apps

Document Scanners

USCIS requires hand-written signatures on all forms. USCIS accepts copies of your signature pages so we ask that you scan and email the signature pages to us here. If you don’t have a scanner, you can use these phone apps to get a perfect scan of your signed forms and email the PDF to us. Please keep the original¬†signature pages in case USCIS requests them later.

Adobe Scan

Genius Scan

Passport Photo Booth

We will inform you if passport photos are required for your case, and the number of photos we need. We recommend that you mail your printed passport photos to us at: Aloha Immigration, P.O. Box 26177, Honolulu, HI 96825. You may either obtain professional passport photos or create your own photos that meet the required photo specifications listed here. However, if mailing your printed photos to our office is too difficult, you may instead email a digital image of your photo to us using Passport Photo Booth Creator and we can print and cut the photos to the appropriate size.